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BPM Financial Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative No. 344410 of BPM Fin Pty Ltd AFSL 542821.

BPM Fin Pty Ltd Australian Privacy Principle Privacy Policy

This document outlines how BPM Fin and any BPM Fin representatives (we) collect, use and hold any personal and sensitive information you may provide to BPM Fin.  This policy should be read in conjunction with the privacy statement section of the BPM Fin FSG (Financial Services Guide). The information referred to in this privacy policy may be any personal information we request from you as part of any financial services activities undertaken on your behalf.  

What Personal Information do you collect?

Examples of information gathered may include names, dates of birth, contact details, work details, details of income and assets, bank account details, tax file numbers, medical and health details, estate wishes, internal file notes about you as well as records of any meetings / correspondence provided to you.  There may be other types of information gathered from you during the course of providing financial services to you in addition to what has been listed. 

How will you collect this information?

We may collect this information either verbally from you or via the provision of documents you may provide or email, fax or provide to us via any other acceptable communication method. With your written approval we may also verify and collect information via any product providers (superannuation fund or bank) or third party service provider (Accountant / lawyer etc).

How does BPM Fin store this information?

Your information will either be stored as a hard copy file under lock and key at our office locations. Both offices which BPM Fin representatives work out of have video monitoring and are alarmed with key swipe records available for any out of business hours office access.  

Your information may also be stored electronically within an online customer data base / third party online storage provider.  Any online storage facility is password protected and BPM Fin is able to verify any historical logins and/or accessing of material to easily identify any possible / potential information breaches.  

Any third party online storage provider has been accessed by BPM Fin as able to meet all relevant privacy requirements as per currently required. BPM Fin will also annually review its privacy policy as well as internal procedures to ensure it continues to meet industry standards at that point in time.

Why do you need to collect this information from? 

Providing overall financial services and providing personal financial advice to an individual or entity requires an extensive understanding of a client or entities current circumstances and background situation. 

BPM Fin and its representatives have both a professional and legal requirement when providing financial advice and/or financial services to have adequate background knowledge and details of the clients existing financial and personal position, goals and objectives. 

How is my information used?  

We will use any information you provide to us to assist in both the research and analysis of your existing financial position. Your information will also be used when developing any personal financial advice and/or product recommendations. 

We may also provide information to any relevant bank, financial institution, fund managers or insurance company or other product providers that you may be investing funds with or purchasing an insurance product form.  As an example we may use any information gathered when preparing application forms or administrative forms for product providers on your behalf.

Your information may also be provided to other Australian and overseas third parties, but only where it is required as part of the provision of financial services and BPM Fin is confident that the relevant third party also adheres to appropriate privacy principles.  

How can I access or update my information? 

You have the right to request access to any and all personal information we may hold about you or to request we correct or update any of the personal information we may hold on you. This can be done by contacting the BPM Fin representative you originally provided this information to or by contacting BPM Fin head office.

Can I decide not to provide all my personal information or remain anonymous?

Simply put, no, you cannot remain anonymous and it is not ideal to withhold information from us if you wish to be provided with financial advice and/or services.  To remain anonymous is definitely not possible. BPM Fin provides personal financial advice and is licensed by ASIC to place financial investments on your behalf. We are required both legally and professionally to gather and verify multiple forms of personal information in the provision of our professional duties. Remaining anonymous is not an option for clients of our business.  

It is not ideal if you withhold certain information, though we do understand that you may prefer to withhold certain information from us at various times. If you decide to withhold information or not inform us of information that may be relevant the risk is that any advice we provide you may not be entirely suitable for your circumstances – as there may be areas we may not have not taken into account when structuring your advice – given we were unaware or not informed.    

What if I have concerns about my privacy or concerns a breach of my privacy has occurred?   

If you have concerns about you privacy, or fear a breach of your personal information may have occurred then we ask you to direct your concern or complaint to BPM Fin directly. BPM Fin’s contact details are noted as follows:

BPM Fin Pty Ltd

ABN: 12 661 717 639

Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL) No. 542821

Address: Level 17, 1 Denison St, North Sydney, NSW 2060

Postal: PO Box 1920, North Sydney NSW 2059 

Phone: 1300 276 346